Arthur Cravan’s Maintenant!

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Oh Frabjous day! Maintenant! the brainchild literary magazine of my misguided object of hero worship Arthur Cravan is online. Reading the first issue from 1912 which starts with a glorious, unashamedly futurist poem about arriving in New York on a ship reminded me that the only excerpts I’ve read of the magazine are in a book somewhere in storage in another country. Also, this section (translation is mine, bear with me) made me want to go binge drinking with Cravan (I need a time machine pronto, you useless scientists!):

Different Things

We are happy to hear of the death of the painter Jules Lefebvre.

On April 3, at the Cirque de Paris, the black man Gunther and Georges Carpentier will meet for a beautiful boxing match.

Marinetti makes noise to please us: for glory is an outrage.

Can’t stop laughing at the Gide parody on issue #2 which ends with the advertisement that you can buy a Gide autograph for 15 francs at the magazine’s office.

M. Gide doesn’t look like a love child, nor like an elephant, nor like several men: he looks like an artist; and I compliment him on one single thing, a disagreeable thing besides, which is that his little plurality derives from the fact that he could easily be taken for a poser.

There is an advertisement for Clovis Sagot’s gallery on the October 1913 issue. This gallery existed – it was the first one to show Picasso – but Sagot had been dead since February so one wonders, given the penchant for dark humour.

Beware of Paintings!
The Good Ones are at
Galerie Clovis Sagot
46, Rue Laffitte, 46

Insulting his relative, Oscar Wilde, on an imaginary, drunken, conversation (literally because literal translations of insults are so fun):

Eh, go on! You square, good for nothing, ugly face, dung skinned creep, watercress grown on an urinal, lazy, old aunt, fat cow!

Reviewing the Salon des Independants in 1914, brilliantly put:

A cubist Bouguereau is, despite all, still a Bouguereau.

And as I wasn’t really paying attention to Cravan scholarship since the year 2002 environs, the College de ‘Pathaphysique sneaked in a whole issue of their magazine dedicated to the man in 2008. Wishlist fattener.

(I am not the only semi-devoted follower: found this graffiti in Lisbon some months ago)
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